Companies, act now
with 900M!

The massive reforestation of our planet cannot be achieved without the involvement of companies.

Through our specialised partners, your company can take part of the 900M adventure.

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Gandee is our privileged partner in France.

With Gandee, become a Do Good Company!

Gandee is your Impact Manager just a click away. It offers its services all year round, providing support for commitment and corporate philanthropy in the interests of enhanced CSR. Turnkey solutions for boosting your CSR, your product brand and your employer brand, promoting positive, supportive communication of your reason for being, and having a strong impact on society!

Gandee offers solutions tailored to the size of your company (start-up, VSE, SME, ETI). To find out more about Gandee’s support and to contact them by phone or email, click here:

Gandee can also help you with solidarity fund-raising for your corporate events (team building, sports challenges, salary donations, onboarding donations, product sharing, etc.) or as part of solidarity lives, for example on social networks.

It’s simple, secure and 100% of donations go directly to 900M! Participants will receive a tax receipt for their donation. Creating a fund is free. Gandee is remunerated for its services on a commission basis for donations from individuals and 4% excluding VAT for donations from companies.

To create a kitty for 900M, click here:

Wenabi is our privileged partner throughout Europe and North America.

Wenabi, the platform for companies with the power to act.

Mobilize your company, your employees and your stakeholders to make a positive contribution to society and support causes of general interest.

Wenabi has already mobilised more than 100,000 employees to help 1,500 charities in 69 countries.

SOLUTIONS FOR every business.

There are many reasons for a company to make a commitment to the public interest: social responsibility, employer brand, values, reputation, territorial roots…

Each company is unique, with its own culture, expertise, history and capacity for commitment. Wenabi offers a variety of solutions so that each company can act on its own scale.

Thanks to our platform and our team of experts, Wenabi helps you to act according to your capacities to have a maximum impact and concretely help the nonprofits that need it.

We have been awarded the famous 1% for the planet label.

If you would like to join the scheme and donate 1% of your turnover, click here:

Here is the link to our page on the official website:

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