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Get free training in sustainable reforestation methods


Setting up an online platform

To offer free training in rapid and resilient reforestation methods so that a maximum of people have the technical skills necessary to take action to reforest anywhere on our planet.



The first course is being tested and needs to be translated into English. We hope to be able to open it in mid-2023. However, to make sure you are notified, we invite you to leave your details.


Our goal for global reforestation

Human activity is causing climate change, increasing forest fires and destroying the
biodiversity on which our species depends. Scientist Thomas Crowther says that by replanting 900 million hectares of forest, it is possible to reduce the unwanted effects of climate change.

We want to help achieve this goal: we are 900M!

Mother Nature takes between 100 and 200 years to regrow a forest on devitalized soil, given the speed at which the climate is warming, we need to implement methods that make it possible to regrow woodland cover quickly.

There is no ultimate method of reforestation on devitalized soils. Depending on the climate, the objective and the soil, the right technique must be used. We would like to share these techniques, which make it possible to rapidly regrow diversified woodland cover that is resilient to climate change. To date, there are too few people (organisations, companies) who implement reforestation actions. We want to train as many citizens as possible to reforest the planet as soon as possible !

Forests offer totally free services that no technology can replace: they give birth to the entire
terrestrial food chain on which the human species depends, they capture greenhouse gases, they
generate rain, they fertilise the soil, they produce consumable food. All of this is maintenance-free, self-sustaining and free of charge. Even the balance of the oceans depends on forests: today,
the quantity of CO2 is too high for the oceans to absorb it, the waters are becoming more acidic, and marine biodiversity is also in decline. Reforestation also means fighting famine and limiting the migration of climate refugees.

When a population is unfortunately affected by famine, food donations should be a temporary emergency measure in the same way as an intravenous drip.

“Give a man a fish, he will eat one day; teach him to fish, he will eat forever.”

Growing crops within a forest system helps to regulate the local climate and protects crops from excessive drought, reforestation reduces the risk of flooding and erosion and stores water in the soil. Our platform plans to offer free training to empower people to produce their own food with dignity, move towards food independence, so that they do not have to leave their homes and start their lives from scratch elsewhere.

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