You would like to fund a reforestation project run by one of our certified project leaders.

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900M is not a broker.

We will provide your contact details to our certified project leaders and they will get back to you directly. You will deal directly with them to fund your project.

If there is no project leader in the geographical area described in the form, we will keep you informed and try to connect you with another reforestation operator.

How much does a reforestation project cost?

We can’t give a clear answer to this question, as it depends on the quantity of services required, the size of the project and the level of involvement of volunteers found to run the project with the project leader. But to give you an approximate idea, for a project of 200m² to 400m², the cost of project management assistance is around €3,000.

Then there’s the cost of supplies: trees, ground work, fertilisers, a temporary emergency irrigation system, a notice board – you’re looking at around €6,000 for 200m². For this part, costs can be reduced if :

  • volunteers are available to collect seeds rather than buying tree seedlings
  • free fertilisers are collected close by the project
  • soil-working equipment is loaned free of charge


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