Activity report 2022

900M has been quiet on social networks but here is what has happened since its creation:

– Creation of 900M on 02/02/2022

– 1st partner, SIMAFRI Foundation : created and manages our website

– Unsuccessful attempt to find funding

– June : beginning of the recruitment of volunteers

– September :
o Partnership with the bank Credit Mutuel ” Les pradettes ” in Toulouse : 1 year of bank fees offered
o Beginning of the creation of the first free online training on reforestation and soil revitalization techniques
o Creation of a communication guide and graphic charter

– October:
o Partnership with Univers Retail, first mission with Laurent “inventory and proposal of a structuring scenario
o Partnership with domain name offer + hosting of the association’s tools

– End of December 2022: Launch of the training test

Milestone 2023 :

– Structuring of the organisation as part of a mission with Samir from Univers Retail
o Organization chart
o Position sheet
o Poles sheet
o Trombino
o Help in recruiting new volunteers

– Recruitment of an HR manager : Célyanthe Felix

– Version 2 of our website

– Launch of communication on social networks: April

– Launch of training for the general public: June

If you want to accelerate 900M’s development, your financial contribution or expertise is welcome!